I don’t think my life will be complete until I own these.

Picture 2

Aren’t they just too cute? I could die.


Van Doren Collection

The Van Doren collection released in 2012 was Vans’ attempt to get back to their roots. The collection is very print-based, including Hawaiian prints, stripes, and tribal prints. The collection has been extremely successful, especially with Vans enthusiasts like myself (: I only have one pair so far, but I’m planning on picking up a couple more in the near future!

All of the shoes in the collection have the classic “Van Doren” heel tab.

Another really cool thing about the collection is the boxes the shoes come in. They’re a complete throwback to the 60s and 70s when Vans were first getting popular.

What do you think of the collection? Which pair is your favorite?!

Channeling the 80’s…in the worst way possible

Lately I’ve noticed that Vans has been stepping a little outside of their comfort zone when designing new shoes. I can appreciate a cool new idea, but they’ve come out with something I just can’t get behind: the Sk8-Hi Platform shoe. I love the original Sk8-Hi’s, they are one of Vans classic styles that has been around forever. However, I feel like the Sk8-Hi Platforms are just a bad version of a good shoe. Here’s the 3 colorways they come in:

I am actually a fan of all of the colorways, just not the shoes themselves. The Sk8-Hi Platforms are just a swing and a miss in my opinion. Props to Vans for trying something out-of-the-box though!

What do you all think of them? Would you rock them?

Fleece-Lined Goodness

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately..life has been busy as usual with midterms and essays on top of my work schedule. With the weather finally starting to cool down some, I thought I’d share some of the amazingly warm and comfortable fleece-lined shoes Vans has put out this season. I got a pair of the fleece lined E-Streets (in the picture below) last year and fell absolutely in love. They are so warm and so comfortable, but still stylish! Win win if you ask me.

This year, I was so excited to see that Vans had come out with some moccasin-style shoes. When we got them in the store, I just knew I had to have them! I finally got them today, and they have not left my feet since I got home. My feet are so warm, happy, and prepared for the cold weather ahead!

If you are in need of some warm shoes for the winter, but are not an Ugg kind of person, you should definitely check out the fleece-lined shoes that Vans has to offer! There are tons of styles for both girls and guys that are really affordable and stylish.

See ya next time,


My Ever-Growing Collection of Vans: Part One

Since I started working at Vans over a year ago, I’ve acquired quite a few pairs of them. I’d say I have anywhere between 25-30. It’s become an addiction. To show you all my collection, I decided to split it up into two different posts: the first post showing some of my Authentics, and the second showing everything else.

Authentics are the first shoes Vans ever created back in 1966. They are a staple in my wardrobe, and I probably have a color that could match any outfit. Off the top of my head, I know I have black (two pairs), maroon, green, neon pink, red, white, gray, denim, and blue. My absolute favorite pair are my red ones. I have worn them to death. When they finally fall apart, I will immediately be at the counter buying another pair.

Here are a couple more of my favorites: (excuse my crappy Instagram pictures)

Stay tuned for my next post about the rest of my collection!

Why I love Vans and you should too

Paul Van Doren opened Vans for business on March 16th, 1966. In the beginning, every pair of shoes purchased was custom made. From then on, Vans was headed for success.

I love Vans because of so many reasons. Working for the company (in a retail store) has been an absolute dream. I love being able to say I work for Vans. Not only do they make awesome shoes…but they really care about their customers. In the store, when we question whether we should do a certain thing for a customer or not, we always remind ourselves that “Van Doren would…”, and we know that we should! Paul Van Doren would have done anything for his customers to ensure their satisfaction. It makes me proud to work for such an amazing company.

Now on to the shoes. I can’t put into words how much I love the shoes. I probably have about 25 or so pairs of Vans (I’ll get to that later!) and I still do not feel like I have enough. My favorite style are the classic Authentics, the first shoe Vans ever made. They go with everything! Dresses, pants, you name it, I will wear my trusty Authentics with it. They also last forever, and even when they get a little worn in, they still look awesome. I’ve had my pair of black Authentics since I was 15, and they are still going strong!

I just think that Vans is incomparable to any other shoe company. They put on incredible events (who doesn’t love Warped Tour?!), have wonderful customer service, and know how to make a damn good looking shoe.